Healers of Color Movement

Our Mission is To mobilize as a community of healers of color for the benefit of all people and the land in which we walk our paths

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The Foundation

At the time of creation, we answered a call from the divine energy to gather together our rich ancestral mentorship in creation of this movement. 

Since the lava flows of Madame Pele in the Spring of 2018, we’ve come together to heal in the angst and frustrations in how we walk this work as people of color. This message from our Mother Earth to mobilize and shift our consciousness from scarcity to abundance, darkness into light, pain into resilience has shown us this very sacred space we are creating, beginning in The San Francisco Bay Area.

Who are we?

We are a network of practitioners in the resistance, tapping into our resilience and abundance to shift these trying times. The Healers of Color Movement gathers self-identified healers of color to dialogue, build community, and collectively heal ancestral wounds, release ancestral weight, and create a movement forward for the benefit of all people and the land in which we walk our paths.

Our vision is to harness the power of our ancestral wisdom, honor and continue the traditional and indigenous healing practices to heal ourselves and each other in this global shift.