NYC Healers of Color Movement: Support Circle
7:00 PM19:00

NYC Healers of Color Movement: Support Circle

Learning how to ask.

Too often as healers, we are usually the people looked to for advice and support, but in turn, have a difficult time asking for the help we need. This type of behavior leaves us feeling isolated and alone. Many times forget that we have community and friends that can be a support system for us.

Part of our healing journey as POCs is that we must shed the patriarchal sense of isolation - that we must fend for ourselves and that our other POCs are not able, willing or abundant enough to help us. To re-member that community and the fulfillment of needs and assistance is there for us, we just have to break through the barriers and feel safe to state our needs.

Coming together in a circle of support, we will all take turns stating our needs. Those of us that are willing to offer our time, contacts or services will respond to your ask. During the networking portion of the evening, you will be able to connect with them further

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Holiday Hangover? Recipes for Wellness During the Winter Months
8:00 PM20:00

Holiday Hangover? Recipes for Wellness During the Winter Months


The holidays! Whether you are shopping crazy for loved ones or just trying to get through showing face to all the parties and family engagements fact is we need to SHOW UP. The holidays, while a time of many celebrations, can be incredibly stressful and can run you down, especially with the colder weather in the winter months.

Let's stay upbeat, vital and shiny, just like those sequin Uggs that you will be rocking 

Let's stay healthy so that we can savor every last drop of that pumpkin latte lolz

Join Chase in a webinar that will address the ways in which we can maintain our health during the winter months.

Topics of focus:

Immunity - Recipes to increase immunity from the cold and flu and maintain energy levels. Herbal remedies for dealing with difficult interactions with family AND stress levels.
Digestion - Recipes & herbal remedies for maintaining digestion. In all traditional medicine, the quality of the digestion always determines an individual's overall health. As we enjoy all the rich & luxurious foods this season, it will be great to go over ways that we can do and taste everything we want without compromising our health.
Hangovers - Herbals and tips for reducing/preventing hangovers -(^.^)-

Chase Chualong:

Astrologer & spiritual consultant based in NYC. His spiritual consulting practice combines elements of food therapy, herbal remedies & flower essences. He is passionate about the intersection of physical, emotional and spiritual health and the journey to achieve that balance.


If you cannot make the date of the live webinar, you can still purchase tickets and receive a recording of the class. After ticket is purchased you will receive details for live webinar and recording via email.

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Healers of Color Movement NYC Meet Up
7:00 PM19:00

Healers of Color Movement NYC Meet Up

Gathering self-identified healers & people of color to network with each other and engage in dialogs that help to bring more connection and healing within our communities.

We will have a roundtable discussion on how to deepen our healing practices and effectively build communities. The second part of the evening will be a casual skillshare where we can trade services and care for one another. We are excited to create a much needed safe, supportive and grounded POC space.

$15 - Purchase Tickets

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Healers of Color Movement: The Time Is Now
to Aug 26

Healers of Color Movement: The Time Is Now

  • International Hotel Manilatown (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

This inaugural event will gather self-identified healers of color to dialogue, build community, and collectively heal ancestral wounds, release ancestral weight, and create a movement forward for the benefit of all people and the land in which we walk our paths.

The two day gathering will support self-identified Black, Indigenous or Person of color engaged in a healing arts practice who are seeking a network of practitioners in the resistance, tapping into our resilience and abundance to shift these trying times, please join us! 

These historic workshops will be held on the traditional Ohlone lands of Yelamu (San Francisco) and Huichin (Oakland). Day 1 will be hosted in the I-Hotel in San Francisco, a historic site of Filipino History and interracial solidarity and community resistance to gentrification. The Light Sisterz will lead us in deep & critical dialogue around issues that affect Black, Indigenous and People of Color healers and help us to create a way forward together. Day 2 will be held in the sacred hills of Oakland, where we will connect with the land and heal each other. We will begin the day with a Sunrise healing hike in nature -facilitated by Hike It Out Coaching. Finally, a skill share day (exchange of healing services to receive healing), organized by Chase Chualong. Fresh and healthy lunches and snacks will be provided by Free4RealKitchen

Saturday August 25, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm
Location: International Hotel Manilatown (San Francisco)

For those who purchase tickets for the online webinar for this Saturday (1-4pm), link to register for the webinar will be emailed to you after payment.

Sunday August 26, 2018 10:00am-4:00pm
Morning Healing Hike- 8:30am
Location: Park (Oakland)

Location details for Sunday will be sent to you early August.

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