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NYC Healers of Color Movement: Support Circle

Learning how to ask.

Too often as healers, we are usually the people looked to for advice and support, but in turn, have a difficult time asking for the help we need. This type of behavior leaves us feeling isolated and alone. Many times forget that we have community and friends that can be a support system for us.

Part of our healing journey as POCs is that we must shed the patriarchal sense of isolation - that we must fend for ourselves and that our other POCs are not able, willing or abundant enough to help us. To re-member that community and the fulfillment of needs and assistance is there for us, we just have to break through the barriers and feel safe to state our needs.

Coming together in a circle of support, we will all take turns stating our needs. Those of us that are willing to offer our time, contacts or services will respond to your ask. During the networking portion of the evening, you will be able to connect with them further