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Healers of Color Movement (Midwest): Network and Chill
7:30 PM19:30

Healers of Color Movement (Midwest): Network and Chill

Join us for an evening of networking and good vibeZ! Local Area Healers, Wellness Practitioners or those seeking to connect with practitioners and learn more, you are welcome to join!

After having successful conferences and events in the San Francisco Bay Area during the Summer of 2018, the Healers of Color Movement opened up the New York City Chapter Winter 2018 and we were over joyed with the amount to love and traction the movement received there. Now we are excited to LAUNCH our newest chapter, the Midwest Chapter this Spring 2019!!

Let's MEET. Let's BUILD. Let's SUPPORT...


Healers of Color Movement

We are a network of practitioners in the resistance, tapping into our resilience and abundance to shift these trying times. The Healers of Color Movement gathers self-identified healers of color to dialogue, build community, and collectively heal ancestral wounds, release ancestral weight, and create a movement forward for the benefit of all people and the land in which we walk our paths.

Our vision is to harness the power of our ancestral wisdom, honor and continue the traditional and indigenous healing practices to heal ourselves and each other in this global shift.



Dumebi is one half of the Light SisterZ and a transformational and spiritual coach specializing in Ancestral and Past Life Healing. Dumebi has a Masters in Metaphysical Science and she is also an ordained minister, certified Theta healer, and a certified Reiki Practitioner.

Dumebi’s coaching style has been described as graceful, drawing in seekerZ to help them feel safe and grounded, even when venturing to new territories. She has a vast knowledge of modalities and loves guiding others to their true path.

Today Dumebi is working on her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling.


Teaira is one half of the Light SisterZ and a transformational and spiritual coach specializing in Dream Interpretation. Teaira has her Bachelors in Metaphysical Science and she is also a professional Numerologist.

Teaira’s coaching style has been described as “infusing the humanity into spirituality.” She brings her light, fun attitude to even the heaviest of topics, helping her seekerZ feel energized and positive as they heal and grow.

Today Teaira is working on her Master’s and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling.

We are sooooo excited to meet and connect with you all! For the meet up we will be located in the back corner section of the space. Please feel free to ask the staff at the venue to direct you to were we will be located.

-Blessings and Light

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NYC Healers of Color Movement: Support Circle
7:00 PM19:00

NYC Healers of Color Movement: Support Circle

Learning how to ask.

Too often as healers, we are usually the people looked to for advice and support, but in turn, have a difficult time asking for the help we need. This type of behavior leaves us feeling isolated and alone. Many times forget that we have community and friends that can be a support system for us.

Part of our healing journey as POCs is that we must shed the patriarchal sense of isolation - that we must fend for ourselves and that our other POCs are not able, willing or abundant enough to help us. To re-member that community and the fulfillment of needs and assistance is there for us, we just have to break through the barriers and feel safe to state our needs.

Coming together in a circle of support, we will all take turns stating our needs. Those of us that are willing to offer our time, contacts or services will respond to your ask. During the networking portion of the evening, you will be able to connect with them further

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