Frequently Asked Questions


What is the H.O.C. Movement?


The H.O.C. Movement acknowledges and is thankful that Black, Indigenous and People of Color have already been gathering and supporting each other in spiritual and ancestral work since the beginning of humanity--since before such concepts as Black, Indigenous and POC even existed. 

We gather together and identify projects needed for our healing and the healing of this planet because of the work, resistance, sacrifices, and resilience of our elders and ancestors. One of our pillars is to work to life our ancestral weight so we can carry through the transition for future generations. 

We strive to move forward with humility and accountability to where we come from. We strive to create a network of Black, Indigenous and People of Color committed to learning, growing and transforming collectively for the benefit of all people and beings.

How do I support the movement if I do not identify as a person of color?

If you are interested in supporting the H.O.C. Movement as a self identified conscious ally, please contact us