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The Time is Now

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This Healers of Color Movement: The Time Is Now is a special inaugural event to gather self-identified healers of color to dialogue, build community, and collectively heal ancestral wounds, release ancestral weight, and create a movement forward for the benefit of all people and the land in which we walk our paths. As organizers, we acknowledge our ancestors have engaged in the struggle to survive the forces of oppression, racism, and colonization throughout time and we, as descendants, continue to do so today. THE TIME IS NOW to stand in the very power and gifts our ancestors practiced that allow us to walk this Earth today.


During Day 1 we'll engage with a community dialog at the Historic I-Hotel in SF. This venue is fully accessible.

  • Navigating Your Practice as an Healer of Color (HOC)  

  • Ancestral Healing from The Light SisterZ


  • Nourishment (Lunch, Snacks and Tea) from Free for Real Kitchen

  • Overnight camping accommodations will be available as we close the first day, transition to the next day in Oakland's Redwood Regional Park. After full weekend ticket is purchased, additional information for registration for overnight accommodation will be sent via email. ($25 for rental of overnight camping and sleeping equipment). If you have any specific questions please contact

Day 2 will include

** If possible please come with your own reusable plate, bowl, cup, utensils and cloth napkin to minimize the impact on Mother Gaia

Continue uplifting each other and cultivating a foundational network to continue this movement